A case for Slow Learning

The words “Slow Learning” are more likely to trigger a defensive reaction from parents than a sense of pride form students yet I want to offer another view (and I am not alone): https://shagdora.wordpress.com/what-is-slow-learning/


In my attempts to teach myself programming I have quickly found that after a certain amount of time my brain is simply full. At first I blamed it on being an adult and not having the mental flexibility of a child. As time went on I realized that there really was only so much I could ingest mentally in a day …. and retain it!

Some days that mental space was quite small.

Some times the concepts were quite large.

I’m lucky enough not to be on a deadline so I am able to pace myself. When I feel like I’m just staring at the screen and the words are sliding off me like water off a duck – I stop. My capacity to focus has increased greatly over time and the concepts aren’t as new so my study time keeps increasing. The part I’m proud of is that the things I have studied are all safely locked in my memory. I feel like when I call my knowledge to task it is all there like an eager puppy.

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